Waxanthic Mojave X VPI Axanthic

Waxanthic Mojave Male

In late 2020 I contacted Hans Winner about his new co-dom axanthic project and purchased this wonderful 2019 Waxanthic Mojave male in hopes he will be ready and breeding this year.

VPI Axanthic Female

This wonderful 3200gram female will be one of the females he will be paired with this season.

Hurricane Projects

Banana Hurricane X Pastel Vanilla

Banana Hurricane X Pastel Leopard

Banana Hurricane X Pastel GHI

Hurricane 100% Het Pied

Hurricane Pastel Vanilla Yellow Belly Female

Pied Projects

Albino Pied X Proven Het Albino Het Pied

Pied 100% Het Albino Female

Pied Female


Candino Paradox Male


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